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Equipment TypeComplete Packaging LinesInventory#10457801ManufacturerCLEAR AUTO LIPSTICKSpeed in CPM032 CPMList Price$49,500LocationLOCATION


1-Clear Automation Automatic Lipstick Line, Model M-017. This line typically ran at 32 lipsticks per minute (approximately 2000 pieces an hour). 3/60/480V. The line occupies floor space in a "U" configuration of 19'W x 35'L. The process is as follows:
- 10 cavity lipstick molds are manually loaded to index station.
- The molds index to the heated melting, mixing kettle & pump filling section. Typical kettle load is 39 kg of product which lasts 3-4 hours. Inox positive displacement pump used for filling.
-Filled molds discharge to chill section.
- Molds enter the mold insertion monoblock which uses an Adept robot which assembles the lipstick containers & inserts bullets removed from the molds (empty molds return for re-use), the assembled lipsticks are discharged from the monoblock in pucks.
- Lipsticks enter 5 head flaming station, then manual inspection.
- Lipsticks enter auto unwind station.
-Pucked Lipsticks enter the automatic capping, labeling, & traying station. Caps are automatically picked from trays and inserted on lipstick. When a mold is fully capped it travels to the Labelaire 2114 Labeler for bottom label & code, it is then robotically returned to the tray (100 count) until the tray is full & discharged; empty pucks are recirculated for re-use.


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