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Equipment TypeFluid Bed Granulators/DryersInventory#10486301ManufacturerGLATTCapacity0200List Price$450,000LocationNew York


1-Glatt GPCG-200 Fluid Bed Processing System

Multi-functional is designed for drying, top spray granulation and bottom spray wurster coating (particle coating, tablet coating, and layering). Designed for aqueous and/or solvent based solutions. System is unused. System was delivered from Glatt in Binzen Germany in 2004, CN 8198. Machine Tower is constructed in 316L with 2-pressure shock resistant construction.

System has a broad range of capabilities and has the following features:

Wurster (HS) insert for multi partition bottom spray particle coating, tablet coating, and layering. 46" Wurster insert with 6 inner partition/spray zones (820 liter working capacity)

Granulation/Drying insert for top spray granulation and coating and drying applications. (840 liter)

2-bar safety design including explosion relief vent positioned at the top of the machine and quick acting explosion protection valves in the process inlet and exhaust air ducts.

Process Air Handler with double wall construction and 304 stainless steel interior. AHU has Pre-filter, Preheat/Freezer Protection, Dehumidification/Cooling, Clean Steam Injection Tube, Steam Heating, and Face/Bypass Control. (Machine tower is equipped with modulating bypass for low air flow operation.)

Exhaust air system including high static non-sparking centrifugal fan rated at 80" at 5,885 SCFM

Integrated WIP nozzles for cleaning of machine tower after use.

Integrated L-2500 lifting device for product discharge

Glatt 2000AF PLC-based control system capable of running fluid bed processes using automated recipes or in manual mode.

Unit is still installed and scheduled for removal approximately October 2020. Note: Aftermarket support services may be available to the Purchaser upon request, please inquire.


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