Keith Machinery Corp.

Case Study: Chiron Betaseron Plant, Canóvanas, Puerto Rico

KMC was hired to appraise and advise regarding the value of the facility. It was an “unused” facility which became excess capacity to Chiron because of the success of a competitor’s MS drug.  KMC professionally appraised the equipment combined with the real estate. We determined the best and highest potential sale value was to identify a buyer for the entire facility. Chiron placed their confidence in KMC.  We orchestrated a team that consisted of KMC in participation with a multinational real estate firm.  KMC led the marketing and inspection process.  Although many pharmaceutical clients closely inspected the opportunity, KMC developed Astra Zeneca’s sincere interest and closed a sale in the range of $18 million USD.  This example is particularly relevant in consideration of a project when an entire facility or campus is to be closed.