Keith Machinery Corp.

Asset Recovery Programs

The typical format of a Fortune 500 surplus asset recovery model can be summarized as follows


  • KMC engineers visit client sites to provide accurate descriptions and take photographs of surplus assets or entire surplus facilities.  This requires knowledge that cannot be obtained overnight but instead requires decades to develop with qualified staff and contacts.
  • The equipment is expertly displayed on KMC’s private website for clients managers to review for re-deployment within company or authorized marketing to the public.
  • For assets that are deemed as surplus after internal authorization, KMC advises clients of proper surplus asset recovery strategy based on up to the minute market conditions.  The programs will undoubtedly include one or more of the following; possibly in carefully planned stages based on timeline goals our clients wish to meet:
    • Exclusive marketing program with assets remaining at client’s facility
    • Exclusive marketing program with assets to be consigned to KMC warehouses
    • Sealed bid sale with time definite bid deadline
    • Exclusive liquidation with date certain ending, possibly followed by:
    • Auction, can be performed live or online or both, completely supervised by KMC
    • After sale support services include rigging, shipping, accounting, reports and accounting functions
  • Entire plant closures may include a partnership with multi-national real estate firms and a multi-staged approach based on the size of the surplus facility and the timeline available for project
  • Implementation.


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