Keith Machinery Corp.

Liquid & Cream Fillers

KMC Liquid & Cream Fillers

Keith Machinery Corp. (KMC) manufactures a complete line of filling equipment for both waterlike and viscous products. All fillers are designed for ease of operation and ease of cleaning. KMC's line of piston fillers features all stainless steel contact parts and tri-clamp fittings connecting all of the wetted components. This design allows for quick disassembly, changeover, and easy thorough cleanability. The KMC filling line is as follows:

Semiautomatic Piston Fillers


Automatic Piston Fillers



Straight Line Gravity, Pressure Gravity and Vacuum Fillers


  • Model SLS (semiautomatic 6-12 nozzle)
  • Model SLA (Automatic 6-12 nozzle)