Keith Machinery Corp.

New Anthony Three Roll Mills

Keith Machinery (KMC) manufactures new three roll mills (TRMs) under the ANTHONY brand name.  These TRMs are manufactured here at our Lindenhurst, NY facility (made in the USA!).  ANTHONY TRM sizes are 2.5"x5", 4"x8", 5"x12", 6"x8", 6"x12", 6"x16", 9"x24", 13"x32", 16"x40".  Of course, all ANTHONY TRMs are fully ANSI 2017 compliant.  ANTHONY TRMs are standard with stainless steel frames (for excellent appearance and easy cleaning), with quiet timing belt drives, and with a fully ANSI 2017 (ANSI B65/NAPIM177.1-1-2017) compliant electrical package with variable roll speed, with WASH-UP MODE (A very slow speed that is used when cleaning the rolls), with EMERGENCY BRAKING, and with NGSIS (Nip guard safety interlock system that monitors mill functions and insures when cleaning the rolls, the wash-up stick (in-running nip point guard) is in the rear nip, and the mill is in wash-up mode).  The electrical package is UL certified, and it also includes a color touch screen HMI.

  • All ANTHONY TRMs are standard with an endplate system that allows for mixing in the feed nip (non-mixing “KENT” style endplates are an option).
  • All ANTHONY TRMs are standard with an open type water cooling system (A closed type water cooling system utilizing rotary joints, is an option).
  • All ANTHONY TRMs are standard with TEFC inverter duty motors, and a NEMA 4 electrical package (non explosion proof electrics).  An explosion proof package is an option with an XP inverter duty motor, and an ISXP (intrinsically safe explosion proof) electrical package.
  • ANTHONY MKI TRMs are available in the following sizes: 2.5”x5, 4”x8”, 5”x12”, & 6”x16”. MKI TRMs have manual roll set (manual-hydraulic roll set is an option), manual apron set, manual roll temperature control (automatic roll temperature control is an option).
  • ANTHONY MKII TRMs are available in the following sizes: 6”x8”, 6”x12”, 6”x16”, 9”X24”, 13”X32”, & 16”X40”. MKII TRMs have electro-hydraulic roll set, electro-hydraulic apron set, automatic roll temperature. Option options include product level sensing for the feed nip, can tilters (either manual or electric), a conforming base (to raise apron discharge height), Remote Monitoring/Data Collection System, and MBAMC (Menu Base Automatic Mill Control) system, etc.
  • Catalogs are available for the following TRM categories:

     - ANTHONY 2.5"x5" Bench Top TRM (view)
     - ANTHONY 4"x8" Laboratory TRM (view)
     - ANTHONY MKI 5"x12" and 6"x16" Pilot TRMs (view)
     - ANTHONY MKII 6"x8", 6"x12", 6"x16", 9"x24", 13"x32", and 16"x40" Production TRMs (view)