Keith Machinery Corp.

Powder Blenders

Keith Machinery Metals Corp. manufactures a line of powder mixing equipment, including "Vee" Blenders, Conical Blenders, "Offset" Cone Blenders, Paddle Blenders, & Ribbon Blenders. The KMMC designs conform to the exacting requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, and standard contact parts are type 316 stainless steel. All blender types share common features and options, which are discussed in the following paragraphs. For more information regarding a particular blender type, please click onto one of the following:

  • Shell Construction - KMMC blenders are standard with type 316 stainless steel contact parts, although type 304 stainless steel or other metals can also be used. In pharmaceutical use, stiffener plates on rotating shell blenders are also stainless steel.
  • Discharge Valve - KMMC rotating shell blenders are standard with butterfly discharge valves. The diameter of the valve depends on the size of the blender. The butterfly is constructed of type 316 stainless steel, while the valve body and valve handle are constructed of aluminum. The standard valve has white neoprene internal liners. Options include a valve with stainless steel body and valve, or a tri-clamp outlet with easy disassembly/cleanup butterfly valve (Cora type). For Paddle and ribbon type, discharge valve is slide type or Iris type. Pneumatically actuated valves are available upon request.
  • Charge Ports - KMMC rotating shell blenders are standard with charge flanges machined for "o" rings, and KMMC designed covers and hold down bars. Automatic load and unload systems are available upon request.
    This design is on all blenders of 10 cubic and larger. All laboratory blenders have tri-clamp fitting charge ports. All pilot plant blenders (1 cu. ft., 2 cu. ft., 3 cu. ft., & 5 cu. ft.) have machined "o" ring flanges, and a "spider" arm hold down system.
  • Blender Stands - KMMC rotating shell blenders are standard with stands fabricated from tubular steel. These stands are normally painted with two-part epoxy paint, or with stainless steel paint. Stainless steel stands are available as an option. Sizes 1, 2, and 3 cubic foot blenders come standard with stainless steel stands. Blender stands are constructed with a permanent rear stabilizing cross bar, as well as a removable front cross bar. With the front cross bar in place, a properly sized forklift can easily move the blender into place, and lift the blender onto its mating extension stand, or onto concrete piers, etc.
  • Control Packages - KMMC control packages are available as an option. Control packages vary with customer's requirements and are quoted to order. However, KMMC recommends at least a basic control package, which includes start/stop features and emergency stop. Advanced systems may include a VFD for soft starting and stopping, a stop system that always stops the blender with the discharge valve in the down position, a timer, and a lock out system that insures that the blender can not operate unless all safety systems are properly set. Of course, control boxes can be supplied in stainless steel, and the blender can be offered as "pre-wired". Other options include explosion proof motors and intrinsically safe explosion proof pre-wires, etc.
  • Surface Finish - Shell interiors (contact parts) are standard with a 30-35 microinch finish. Other, more highly polished finishes are options, up to a "Mirror Finish". Internal and External Shell electropolish available including passivation upon request.
  • Shipping Bar - The base of all blenders, 5 cu ft and larger are fabricated with a removable "shipping bar". This bar is designed so that the blender is easily forkliftable for both transport and putting the blender into position, and lifting the blender so that it can be put onto a fabricated base (by KMMC) or onto concrete piers (by customer). Once the blender installation is complete, the "shipping bar" can be unbolted and stored away.