Keith Machinery Corp.

Roll Set Switch Program for Production Three Roll Mills

Keith Machinery (KMC) offers a "ROLL SET SWITCH" (RSS) program for users of both Lab size and  Production Size Three Roll Mills (TRMS). With this program, the mill will normally be down less than four (4) days total, and obviously this is a very great benefit.  Also, if your plant has a number of identical mills, an original roll set switch allows us to rework each of the mills in turn, with no mill being out of operation for more than four days.

With this program, the customer receives a fully remanufactured roll set.  The roll set will include rolls, gears, six (6) new bearings, new endplates and new water pipes.  Once the roll set arrives at his factory, the old roll set must be removed from the mill, and the new roll installed.  A RSS for ANTHONY, DAY and BUHLER includes bearing boxes. A RSS for KENT and LEHMANN TRMs do not include bearing boxes, as the bearing boxes remain with the TRM frame, and are not interchangeable. This work can either be accomplished using a KMC Service Team, or the switch can be made with "in house" employees.

We believe that this program is worth considering if you have TRM that requires roll grinding.  Please inquire for pricing.

1) Small Production Mills are 8"X20", 9"X24", 10"X22", etc.; Mid Production Mills are 12"X30", 13"X32", 14"X30, etc.; Large Production Mills are                      16"X36", 16"X40", etc.
2) Keith Machinery will endeavor to use a roll set with roll diameters close to those of the roll set to be removed.  There will be a Roll Size Adjustment              to either charge or credit the customer for any differences in roll diameters.  The adjustment is figured on the unground roll diameters, please inquire          for standard pricing.
3) The customer is responsible for round trip freight.
4) When the replaced roll set arrives back in Lindenhurst, the roll set will be thoroughly inspected to insure that it is complete and that all parts                      are repairable.  KMC will charge back for any items that would not be part of our standard Roll Set Job (RSJ) Program.  As an example, if the                     endplates are not big enough to remanufacture then the customer is charged for a new set of endplates.

Keith Machinery also maintains a stock of remanufactured aprons, which are used for "apron switches".  Please inquire as to pricing.